Hi, I have been passionate about Photography from way back , after joining the Photography Club in high School back in the 80's.

My other passion is Motorsport. After owning and Rallying several Datsuns all through the 90's , After 2000 I competed in the State Offroad Racing Championship  as a driver and Navigator.

I decided to combine my two favourite things ie. Photography and Motorsport.

I now try to capture spectacular  images of Motorsport and as of the last few years the growing sport of Dog Agility. Cars and Animals are getting to be a speciality ,  landscapes , portraits and  amazingly candid images of human emotion are also on the list of my favourite things.

I've now been lucky enough to be published in Dirt Comp Magazine , The Trading Post , The West Australian Newspaper Group and the Canine News

So if you have an event or situation you need captured in pictures , let me know and I'll photograph it for you.!!